Prayer requests

We believe in prayer. As God's Family on Mission, it is a key attribute of our DNA. If you have a need and you want us to partner with you in prayer, please fill out the form below.

Family needs

Below are the prayer requests of individuals at Reach. Come back here often to pray for the needs in our community.


Praising God for finishing chemo and the cancer in my breast and lymph node has been completely resolved! Asking for prayer for my upcoming double mastectomy surgery, as well as feeling peace and trusting in God for the future and what comes next with life as a cancer survivor (specially fear that it will come back). I want to love and trust God fully without obsessing over the what ifs and the unknowns.


That God will have His way with the mission team and that I will be obedient in preparing and bring those teens He intends to grow in faith and service and discipleship.


Pray for me, because this season has been very busy and I’ve been really stressed and overwhelmed and physically worn out. I think school has sucked out all my Brian juice. Just just prayer for endurance and joy and worship is what I need in this time.


I’m kind of struggling with faith about God


I would like to ask the Reach family to pray for my daughter, Emily. She is still really in a difficult situation, and needs the Lord to deliver her.