We are god's family

on mission

The most important thing about every one of us is not who we are but whose we are. Our identity is first and foremost determined by the God who created us, the family He has brought us into, and the mission He has called us to be apart of. God has made us who we are so that we can know Him and make Him known to the whole world. Everything we do flows out of the truth that we are God’s family on mission.

The gospel

God made all things for His glory, and for the delight of His creation. Mankind rebelled against God in our desire for control of our own lives, rather than submitting to the care of our Creator. Our relationship with both Creator, and creation, was fractured. The very good news (or, "gospel") is that through Jesus' perfect life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection, we have been adopted into His family, and now live in, and for the sake of, His kingdom now, and for eternity. God's plan for renewal is cosmic in scope and we have been invited to participate with Him in making all things new!